Go Wild Farm LLC
Go wild at the farm! Enjoy the breeze, trees, and calm.

CAMPING CABINS at YOUR farm at NO COST for you (revenue share).
We build glamping on your land in exchange for a revenue share.
We maintain and operate the cabins and tents with great care.
We market the glamorous campsite and handle the reservations.
The cabins become the land owner's property at the end of the contract.
About the project
Do you have a few extra acres on your lovely farm? Does your land have a breathtaking view? Many people would love spending time in nature and could bring you extra income. However, is your farm just mounting up taxes? Right now, the glamping industry is taking over the world (in 2020, the glamping market was valued at USD 1.88 billion and is expected to grow 14% per year), so let's catch the opportunity! If you own a beautiful piece of land that can have at least 8 cabins, give us a call. We will design and build glamping sites on your land at NO COST for you. We market and operate the glamping, share the revenue. At the end of the 18-year contract, all cabins become your property.

Call us +1 (305)778-99-11 to discuss details.
Owner can not occupy cabins. Just vacation rentals.
Minimum 18-year contracts.
We share the revenue.
We buy and install cabins in your park, farm or land.
We operate and manage rentals completely.
Our first project is on its way!
Saint George Island, Fl. Spend your summer at Turtle Paradise.
We are inspired by Thilina Liyanage's design in Sri Lanka. 4 of our units are going to be built in that outstanding style.
Estimated construction cost: $270,000.
Sea Turtle Nesting Season runs from May 1st to October 31st and attacts many tourists to Saint George Island.

Average rent: $373 per day.Progected revenue: $ 87,480 per year.Based on AirDNA (follow link below)
Airbnb Data on 899 Vacation Rentals in Eastpoint, FL | MarketMinder (airdna.co)
SGI is consistently ranked as one of the top beaches in the U.S. With miles of uncrowded expanses for sunning and shelling and clear Gulf waters for swimming, paddling and fishing.
Our second project is next!
Poinciana Gardens Getaway
8 units.
Estimated rent per unit: 3,000/month.
Projected revenue for 8 units: $288,000 per year.
Thoughtful Planning
We do our best and put a lot of work into careful, thoughtful planning to make sure the layout is well made and comfortable for out guests.
10-12 min to the beach.
Pine trees, wilderness, and the beach. Meet the Florida outdoors! Here you can dip your feet in the ocean and absorb the wisdom of nature.
We believe that Life tastes better outside.
Who are we?
These people work every day to make our guest's experiences bright, warm, and rich with flavor.
Elena Korol
My dream is to build the place where life tastes better. I believe I found where my degree in Economics and Public Relations can be used to bring families cherished moments and people the peace of mother nature to return home with.
John Gnip
Even the Managing Partner of HiTech Living, former CEO of "WARP Solutions", and an ex-staff member of Federal Reserve Bank of New York can be a nature lover!
Julia Bush
Design Director
Brother Robert Graham
Hiring Manager
I believe in God. My life lead me to help people get a second chance in starting life with faith, dignity, and self-respect.

Founder of True Fast Outreach Ministries.
Brother Robert Graham
Hiring Manager
I belive in God and help people to get a second change to start life with feive, degnety and selfrespect. Founder of True Fast Outreach Ministeries.
Office manager
This could be your name
and your dream job!
Contact us GoWildFarm@gmail.com
This could be your name
and your dream job!
Contact us GoWildFarm@gmail.com
We would love to share our business plan overview.
The Land
- no more then 1 hour evay from a big city
-a water source
-in an aria with high rental demend (80 and more AirDNA | Short-Term Rental Analytics | Vrbo & Airbnb Data)
-zoning alloued at list 8 units, camping or RVs.
-cost of land for 1 unit up to $25,000. $200,000 for 8 units

The Glamping expenses
-1st Cabin A frame (costraction cost $10,000-45,000)
-8 cabins constraction cost $360,000
-landscaping $10,000
-edwertising $3000/year
-maintenence 20% $27,800/year
-Supply cost 5% $6,795/year
-utilities 5% $6,795/year
-insurance $2000
-taxes $1500
-property management 10% $13,500
- $100 for repers per unit / $800 per 8 units
Vacancy rate 20%
-capital expenses $150 / month $1,200/year

Total expenses in 1st year: $633,390
-80% occupancy
-$6,325/ month
-$75,900year/1unit $607,200/8 units

Cash Flow in 1st year -$26,190
Cash Flow in 2nd year $517,620
Cash Flow in 3nd year $517,620

Return on investment Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

When we build our first projects, we will calculate and inform you with real expenses and revenue.
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